I learned two very important life lessons in third grade. The first was that my love of music would never translate to the stage after my band teacher told me in no uncertain terms to find another hobby to pursue — I then immediately started spending my allowance at the local record store. The second was my mother’s insistence that I read the newspaper every day for 30 minutes, a habit that led me down the path of pursuing a writing career.

After stints writing for national magazines and major metro daily newspapers I launched a business managing musicians and traveled across the U.S. and Europe on a number of tours, in turn becoming an expert cat herder. Since then I’ve worked as a senior content manager at Egencia (Expedia Group), the digital lead at a TV station, a project manager for Nike, senior content manager for Napster (the global music streaming service), and more.  

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After years of writing, I’ve expanded into content strategy, management and editing. I still manage to put out a few pieces now and then — here are some samples:

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